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Offer Tire Rotation And Service With High Quality Affordable Jacks

By offering tire rotation and tire service to your customers, you can generate more revenue and profit for your business. According to industry statistics, you can make at least $24,000 per year by offering tire rotation to your customers. That’s a lot of money for a small investment. 

That’s why you need Stan Design Fast Lube Jacks, the best lifting systems for fast lube shops in Canada. Stan Design Fast Lube Jacks are designed to fit your pit and your budget. They are made of high-quality materials and components, and they have innovative features that make them easy to use and safe to operate. 

Fast Lube Jack
Stan Design Jack
Stan Design Jack
Stan Design Jack

Why Stan Design Fast Lube Jacks Are The Best Solution For Your Business

Our Stan Design Fast Lube Jacks are the best solution for your business because they offer many benefits and features that make them superior to other lifting systems. 

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Choose from our range of winning products for the perfect jack for your workshop.

Pit Jacks J6000HFL

Pit Jacks J7500HFL

Pit Jacks J7000LFL

Pit Jacks J9000HFL

Stan Design Pit

Pit Covers

Fast Lube Pits are a dangerous place, especially the open pits. Customers and employees have fallen into open pits, sustaining serious injuries. Various systems have been implemented over the years to protect people from such accidents. The safety systems can be as simple as a fishing net strung across the opening. We examined all these systems and decided there was room for improvement.

Stan Design’s pit cover systems are designed to fit into existing systems like those provided by Devon and Uni-lube. Our pit cover system drops right in and provides your facility with the safety and security it needs.


Stan Design’s PLC1000 pit cover system is made from a proprietary plastic composite material offering extreme strength and resistance to all types of chemicals. Our revolutionary new system has segments 2ft long and as wide as your pit. These segments are very light – only 12 lb./panel – and slide onto one another with just a push. Light weight and strength are the hallmarks of the PLC1000 pit cover system, and it is a direct replacement for the DEVON and the UNI-LUBE systems.

Stan Design Quicklube

Tire Service Lifts LM9000P

This tire service lift utilizes a Master/Slave dual hydraulic system which is only found in the most advanced lifts in the world. This allows an extremely smooth lifting action without any of the jerkiness or squealing.  




How Stan Design Manufactures Truck And Auto Jacks For Your Specific Needs

Tell Us What You Need

You reach out to our friendly team and let us know your lifting needs. Single order, a bulk order, a custom order, don’t worry about it. Whatever it is, we can handle it.

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Get a Free Quote

We give you a free quote based on your needs. We will also discuss any custom design details with you and make sure you are happy with the plan.

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You pay securely and conveniently online and leave the rest to us. We take care of the paperwork, the production, and the delivery.

Enjoy the Benefits

You receive your high-quality products and start using them right away. Just watch how your customers love the performance, durability, safety, and appearance of our products.

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