Rolling Jacks for Your Garage: Hydraulic Pit Jacks Vs. Fast Lube Rolling Pit Jacks

Phil Dunphy (Modern Family S11 E11 “Legacy” spoiler alert for those of who prefer to live under a rock), might have been “fortunate” enough to have witnessed “one local inventor (who) has been hard at work on the Presto-Jack™, a pneumatic device that both lifts a car and powers a drill to change lug nuts”, doesn’t mean you don’t get to benefit from the rare esoteric wisdom he soon gained. 

Packaged in a rather beautifully emotional roller-coaster of a scene, the goof spent the day with his father, Frank Dunphy the said “local inventor”, trying to change a flat tire using Frank’s ill-fated and much too powerful invention called the Presto Jack™. This certainly makes for a wholesome character arc in a comedy series for, as the name suggests, modern families. 

While the show had nothing to do with rolling jacks otherwise, its storyline always portrayed Frank and Phil Dunphy (the father-son duo) as a couple of happy-go-lucky lads who were always curious about learning and experimenting with odd things in life, no matter their age or level of experience. 

Shortly after, People Magazine reported, “Modern Family Kills off Phil Dunphy’s Dad Frank After Their Emotional Final Scene Together”. This scene, which was a part of the episode, paid tribute to Fred Willard, who played the role of Frank on the show, for his death by natural causes both on and off the camera. 

Presto Jack™- What a Rolling Jack Should NOT Be

While the role might have garnered Willard an Emmy nomination, such a local inventor would barely be awarded! Our key takeaways from this focus on highlighting the ill effects of using ill-fated essential products like rolling jacks. Phil learnt exactly 3 things about Presto Jack™ that day – 

  1. The force applied to press the ‘Start’ button of the remote-controlled jack apparently directly affects its performance,
  2.  the ‘End Task’ button can only end the affected task’s performance positively if pressed on the right side of the button body not the left,
  3. and that “everybody warned” Frank that “this (the car blowing up, turning over, and effectively self-destroying) would happen”. 

StanJack Rolling Jacks by Stan Design Inc.- Hydraulic Pit Jack Right for Your Garage 

Believe it or not, the StanJack by Stan Design Inc. does NOT work like the Presto Jack™! It is a rolling pit jack, with heavy duty hydraulics as well as air motors, that caters efficiently and exclusively to your exact needs and preferences. 
The hydraulic variant eliminates rigorous hand pumping and mechanical effort, while the air bags powered by powerful air motors provide precision in lifting. 

Hydraulic pit jacks are some of the most common jacks used in the automotive industry which uses fluid mechanics to lift automobiles like small cars to heavy duty military grade trucks. Check out the reasons behind its immense popularity! 

Top 5 Reasons for the Hydraulic StanJack’s Popularity –

Popular because of the flexibility and mobility of their valves and arms, they offer agile solutions to your automotive needs like no other. Hydraulic pit jacks in general and the StanJack in particular, come with a set of adapters to accommodate servicing every car. 

  1. The StanJack is the best rolling jack available in Canada because of its low and high adapters that can be stacked together to fit different vehicle sizes and shapes. The adapters are stored on the jack for convenience.
  2. By lifting and transporting heavy weights, industrial loads, lifting cars and vehicles for clamping, and clamping machinery equipment, hydraulic rolling pit jacks can aid customers in varying industries besides automobiles. 
  3. Purchasing the right hydraulic rolling jack saves you time, energy and money whether you need one for industrial use or simply personal use as garage equipment. Hydraulic pit jacks like rolling jacks are designed to serve the purpose of working with great force
  4. Hydraulic pit jacks consist of two cylinders of varying sizes, and the bigger and smaller cylinders are connected. There are two pistons inside the cylinder responsible for lifting heavy weights. The small piston forces the fluid to lift the big piston. There are two ball valves that work as a check valve, allowing flow and stop the flow while pumping.
  5. A bar is inserted into the handle socket of the rolling jack. When pumped, the hydraulic fluid is forced by a piston and goes through a one-way valve. The fluid force acts at the bottom of the bigger cylinder, allowing the ram to go upwards. The other valve is blocked so pressurized fluid can’t back until it is unscrewed

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What About the StanJack Air Bag Variant? 

The StanJack air bag variant or the Stan Design Inc.’s Fast Lube Rolling Pit Jack stands out because of its unique functionality offered by motorized air power. These gentle giants lift your cars literally by inflating themselves with pumped air and help you service your automobile for repairs or maintenance. 

Rolling jacks are essentially used along with lift systems, most notably the 4 post lifts, in commercial garages. When coupled with the power of durable air bags, they offer motor power that enables heavier and higher lifting prowess

These scissor style jacks go underneath the lift to reach the factory jacking points of the vehicle undercarriage, with pinpoint precision. This allows you to lift the car safely and securely without the worry of injury to life or property. 

Top 5 Reasons for the Air Bag StanJack’s Popularity 

Air bag fast lube rolling pit jacks are made of bags that are inflated by compressed air to lift objects- from smaller loads such as an automobile to larger ones such as airplanes- that can be deflated to be reused. A hose attaches from the exhaust to a big sack placed under the car. The air coming out of the pipe fills the bag, and the car lifts off the ground. 
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  1. StanJack has a built-in safety lock mechanism that engages automatically at different heights, eliminating any need for additional stands or chocks to secure the vehicle.
  2. Stan Design Inc. air bag fast lube rolling pit jacks have a detachable remote-control pendant with two buttons- one to lift and one to lower- ensuring that you always have full control over the jack.
  3. The air bag variants have four full floating casters that allow for effortless rolling and maneuvering. The wheels are made of special roller bearings that reduce friction and wear, starting from as low as $4000, making it a small but profitable investment for your business.
  4. These rolling jacks have a pull handle that makes it easy to position the jack under the vehicle. The handle can also be extended for rear axles.
  5. The StanJack has a high gloss powder coat paint that protects them from corrosion and rust, along with zinc plated components and accessories that resist oxidation and deterioration. The paint gives them a sleek and professional look while the zinc plating enhances their appearance as well as durability.

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