If you are an Auto Garage owner, having the best floor jack is one of the essential equipment for providing superior service to your clients.

With a variety of Models Scorpion Floor Jacks is one of the most advanced floor jacks available today. The Scorpion Floor Jacks are the only jack available with a built-in three-stage locking mechanism made of the highest grade materials. Scorpion floor jacks keep safety its top priority.

It keeps the technicians off the floor as much as possible and reduces employee fatigue and injuries. Scorpion Floor Jacks have a vertical handle and four full-floating casters that makes a more comfortable posture and extremely maneuverable for the technician.

Scorpion Floor jacks are the easiest to use floor jacks with dual hydraulic cylinders that do the lifting with only one button to lift and one button to lower the jacks controlled by detachable remote control pendant.

Scorpion Floor Jacks have up to 12-ton lifting capacity with two points of contact to make it much safer to lift heavy vehicles. The Scorpion Jacks is a revolutionary floor service jack for the truck repair industry,

some of the incredible features that make this patented jacks so unique are :

1. The Scorpion Floor Jacks lifts the whole front end or rear end of the vehicle in one go.

2. Extendable lifting beam with stack-able adapters for all military vehicle applications.

3. Lifts over 36” with a built-in safety lock.

4. The small footprint doesn’t take up much room.

5. A comfortable control handle extends up to 9 Ft.

6. No pumping required due to its Air/hydraulic design.

7. With Scorpion floor jacks, it takes seconds to lift a truck while other conventional jacks and two stand takes 7-10 minutes.

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